Saturday, March 19, 2011

English Enhancement Camp

Hi & Assalamualaikum ;)

Last weekend I've joined the English Enhancement camp held at Suria Beach Resort Merang. I'm not going to talk so much English in here =P but to share a lil experience there. Take a look take a look! Well people say a picture tells thousand words. Please kindly count my pictures to know how many thousand is there. ^_^

The most important part amongst all..Eat eat eat =P
1st day, we had treasure hunt. Running here and there to achieve the goal. The prise is gorgeous of course =P
Do u know how to make a cute origami? No? Well, by joining this u'll know how to do such thing.
At least to make a  pelican..;p

All groups have done a great job for every activities. See, they could cooperate with each other. 

Done! Holiday package from eagle agency. Hey, we learnt how to promote enormous stuff alright. 

Eat fruits when you're seriously wanna get slimmer or maybe to overcome the constipation ;p

Drink to get refresh and prevent yourself from dehydrated yeah!

Ehm, this part is important to show how bad is my 'saranghae' (ergh, tak jadi love2 pun) =p
I've know idea whether they are trying to get inside or just came out. Yea well, maybe the second one. ;P

FACILITATORS. Ops, sorry for the blur. =P
They were wrong when showing that happy faces. You should cry when receive the hamper ok..
Coz you've made me get jealous ;P Ehm, my group didn't get any. Hee~

Peace yaw! Time to go home (UniSZA) ^_^
p/s: English is important to Malaysian as a vehicle to transform the informations, knowledge etc etc.. Our gorgeous Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once suggested the policy, Look East. Japan, they have all the greatest technology and hyper positive attitude. But we Malaysian, still need to develop ourselves not actually to become a good speaker but a good transformer. At least, practicing English lang could help us deliver better our knowledge and along with the dakwah is it? 

until here! Take care!


  1. so sgt tgk mane gmbr2 yg len??? ni dr kmera sape iz2???
    jom p lagi..ofcoz for photo shoot yg melebih..other activities?? ltak ke tepi...hiiiiii

  2. yeah! jom2..don't set aside makan xtvts tau2..hihi..other photos blh diambil dari mereka2 yg diatas..kat lappy i pun ade..hee~ =P


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