Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Day Of Inspiration...

Heyya...(could I greet people dat way instead of 'salam'?)
How are u doing?Hopefully, very fine...

em,I was with a sister of my friend yesterday.
And I like the conversation between us.
She has a salon ( where I got a new hair cut there)
Well, topic on beautician is a part of my interest.
Business also. And, learn to be more professional in any field I'm in.
I like that. Furthermore, I aspired to owning a spa one day.
(hehe..kinda 'angan-angan mat jenin' eh? ;) )
Also want to contribute something valuable in food technology
May God permit our wishes...Ameen...

Before I end, lemme show u some of haircuts styles.
If u wanna see, have a look at below then :)

 pic 1
Actress Alana De La Garza
Nice. Isn't it? If u have wavy hair and wanna have a new short haircut, I would like to suggest this style.
Simple,sweet, nice and could highlight your natural beauty. Oh, the style is bob haircuts. Try yach! :)

 pic 2
I like this style. Look simple, clean and neat. Suitable for those who has straight hair.
This is a cool bob haircut with a swept fringe. You may look cute with this style. Why don't u try? :) Oh, she is Ellen Barkin. Hm, I don't really know this fellow.

 pic 3
Another bob haircuts for u. Hurm, style with a short hair? If u think dat u possess a texture of hair like pic above, why don't u try dat haircut. I believe u will look fresher and more stylish. Even with a short haircut, u'll look feminine. Simple, a bit messy and nice for sure :)

Alright readers, maybe you are the type of women who wear scarf or tudung. But it doesn't mean that u don't have to look fashionable and stylish with your hair. Make a nice look when you are at home. With your family, your mahram. Beauty is yours. And share with others alrite? ;) I hope everyone in here don't have a skeptical view with this topic. I just wanna share. :)

Ok for now. C ya soon & take care...